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Java Swing Date Time Picker Component Java Version

The Date and Time Picker component is a Java Swing Component that lets user select Date and Time through a easy interface. The component provides the user a Calendar and Clock. The user can navigate through the Calendar and select a date. The Clock provides a digital and and an analog interface for the user to select the time. The selected Time is displayed in a developer specified format. Unavaliable Dates can be set in the Date Time Picker. These dates will be disabled for selection. The class library also provides a Calendar Panel and Clock Panel for displaying Calendar or a live Clock.

DNS Component Java Version|.NET Version

This DNS component supports A, AAAA, A6, PTR, MX, NS, SOA and WKS record lookup. It provides a simple easy API to lookup IP address, Name Server and Mail Servers for a domain or hostname.

SMTP Component Java Version|.NET Version

This SMTP component provides an easy API to send E-Mails from an application. The API has option to send emails directly to the recipients mail server without a relaying mail server. Plain Authentication is supported for mail server authentication. Mail Attachments are supported using MIME.

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